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Limo Tour to See Chicago Christmas Lights

November 16th, 2022

It is popular to decorate the public venues and streets with Christmas lights every year. In this way we celebrate our holidays and bring joy to our hearts. Local governments and businesses are usually responsible for decorating the public places. The decoration displays vary from shiny trees in public squares to contoured buildings in the downtown. Chicago is one of those cities that have adopted Street decoration on Christmas early and it became a tradition.

Whether you are out of the city or you live in Chicago you are probably interested in seeing the Christmas lights of its downtown. However, one should not also forget that the winter season in Chicago can be really cold and windy. You would not want to find yourself shivering after 10 minute walk but rather be energetic and warm. The perfect way to enjoy the decorations and be hundred percent comfortable is to go with the car around the city. It is even better if that car is a limo. You will find the same play of lights in the vehicle with the driver willing to take you wherever you want around Chicago.

You can start your tour on Lake Shore drive. There are beautiful alleys of trees decorated for the Christmas. Go past Navy Pier to see the big wheel all in colors. You can make a stop there and go inside to get a caramel apple and take pictures. Later, go west to catch Michigan Avenue to see all the lights and trees on it. Great place to stop and take pictures is a distance between Magnificent Mile Hotel to Randolph Street and Wacker Street intersection. Don’t forget to drive past Chicago’s famous Grant Park and take a look at the beautiful Buckingham fountain.

Also, remember that not only the street trees are decorated but also all the shop display windows are decorated too. Drive slowly past Macy’s on North State Street. And if you have enough time, see Santa House at Daley Center on Washington Street.

Chicago Limo Service for Sporting Events

April 21st, 2022

Chicago is home for numerous teams of different sports. No wonder it had earned the name or the Best Sports City many times by The Sporting News Magazine. Two major baseball teams come from Chicago: Chicago Cubs and The White Sox. There is also Chicago Bears, one of the National Football league teams, which won the football championship nine times. Basketball fans love Chicago Bulls, one of the greatest basketball team this 2011 season. And there is also Chicago Blackhawks, hockey champions and Stanley Cup winners of 2010.

With so many great teams there are many great games that take place in Chicago. Every sport lover can go see their favorite team play. Attending a game is an exciting event. To make it even better, get your all friends together and rent a limousine service. You will have a great opportunity to ride together without thinking about driving, parking and traffic. A good limo service will provide unforgettable memories and will bring you to any stadium.

For Chicago Cubs game, visit the Wrigley field on the North side. For Chicago White Sox travel to the Cellular Field on the South side. Just remember, those two teams are rivals so don’t show up wearing a Sox shirt to the Cubs game! To make your evening even better, have your limo chauffeur drive you around the city after the game to grab dinner or some drinks. Bar hopping is a popular idea for Chicagoans after a successful game. It is convenient to have hourly rate limousine service when you are visiting multiple bars. You can always feel safe when you know there is a professional driver waiting for you to bring you back home safely.

Football games are even more important for Chicago residents. Tickets to a game can reach hundreds or dollars simply because there are not so many games in a season. Moreover, every game matters. The bears have proven themselves worthy this year and caused many happy moments for Chicago football fans. Home games for Bears take place at Soldier Field jus off the coast of lake Michigan. For such a long game like this, look for a sporting event deals for limousine service companies. It usually includes the drop-off at the game and then couple of hours drive time in the limousine after the game.

Limo service can enhance not only baseball or football events. Renting a limo to Chicago Bulls game can make the night really memorable. Not only you will be seeing one of the most recognized basketball teams in the world but also will be travelling in a sleek and elegant Chicago limousine. For big parties rent a party bus service to your game. You will spend time with your friends in the most exciting way!

A Limousine is your private club on wheels. Be it a Bulls game or a Blackhawks playoffs, Chicago limo service will make your night unforgettable.

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